Friday, March 20, 2009

So Yea its been a lil bit........

So yea its been a bit since i've updated this thing. This past month has been ruff.....still nothing on the job front...and I lost a very good friend of mine. R.I.P Whitney....she was 22. Sad times Sad Times.
To report on that 3000 point tourny that we went to, it was ....well horrible. The first game we pulled a Dark Eldar Player. Raider list. This was my first time ever even being near a dark eldar army being played....can we say BROKEN! He had us freaking tabled by the start of turn 3. It was just that bad and to top it off the player was just a douche bag about it too. His codex was a stack of papers that were falling all over the place. The army was nothing but black base coat dry brushed this bright blue.
Second game, well I was asked by my partner to sit that one out. I know that sounds bad but there was a reason. This kid....and by kid yes I mean a true kid, probably only like 10 or 11 yrs old, who didn't even have a real list or anything, had to have the judge assist him with a list....anywayz before i start a rant there, We got tabled with him. My partner knew i didn't have the patience to deal with that kinda "teaching" game. Personally a tournament, is no freakin place for a teaching game. I say that was a bad call on the hands of the tourny organizers.
Third game we pulled one of the guys that actually traveled with us up there and his armored company. Now personally I don't have an issue with the armored company list....The movement across the board was ruff yes but once we started summoning our demon packs on the Russ's it was all over....tank after tank went up. The list is scary but not that strong at all in 5th ed.
Over all with the army we took I was pleased with the way it functioned. I'm REALLY REALLY pleased with the way the demon packs worked. People might underestimate them...but for a the ability to take as many troop choices as you have points? and teh fact that for all intensive purposes they are marines? Yea I think I'll stick to using a demon heavy chaos army which does happen to go well with my word bearers theme.

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Mike Howell said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend.

I've seen Raider lists like that. A local power gamer uses those sorts of tactics to make tons of high strength / good AP shots from transports. He takes unholy glee from it.

Keep up the blogging!