Friday, February 13, 2009

3000 Pt tourny next weekend.

The game store that I posted about in the last entry is also hosting a 3000 point tourny next weekend. The odd thing about it is that they are allowing you to take a team of two players if you want to. So I'm thinking that there will be an odd mix of teams vs single players. The teams have to take up a single force org chart between the two of them so that is going to make things interesting to say the least. Myself and a friend of mine, "Spanky" have decided and signed up to take a Chaos Marine army as a team. His portion will be a "lash" oriented Black Legion force and mine is going to be a strickly Thousand Sons force and I'll be "demon boy" for us as well taking all the minor demons. I'm posting my 1500 points....let me know what you think. Please Honest and Tame critizim only please.

Chaos Lord -
Termi Armor, MOT, Death screamer, personal Icon

Thousand Sons -
8 TS, 1 sorc. - personal icon, gift of chaos

Thousand Sons -
8 TS, 1 Sorc - personal icon, gift of chaos

Chaos Marines-
19 marines, IOT, 1 flamer, 1 melta, 1 champ, power fist, personal icon

Lesser Demon squad -
10 lesser demons

Lesser Demon squad -
10 lesser demons

and one of the following -

another Lesser demon squad as above


Spawn Squad-
3 Chaos Spawns

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